More about me!

I have some people. BigMan is all mine and has been for 20 years.  Best friend ever...sleepovers all the time.  SJP is my oldest son, who is 17 and in the middle of his college search.   SJ stands for social justice.  He is always looking out for his people and stands up against the MAN.  Beanie is my middle piece of my heart.  A sophomore who can eat his own weight at any meal...sweet and a real 1950's kind of boy.  TT aka BabyGirl is the duchess of the family.  An adventurous and brave 13 year old girl.  Then there is DumbButt dog, the most spoiled dog in the world.

We all live together in  what we will call the Olympic Village.  Our home is a dormitory in a New England boarding school in the suburbs.  It is what many would call an alternative lifestyle.  Over the summer we spend half of it at a faux Ranch in Northern California. Faux because there are not horses.  There are instead gabillions of relatives.  It's rural, fun, crazy, and filled with characters.  The other half of the summer we live at Round The Lake in New Hampshire.  It is a community mostly of older people who live to hear loons, make rules and are feisty   It is here we have our own home and it is very quiet and dark, ok like dark you can't imagine.

My job is split into two sections.  I work in the Admissions office.  I attend school fairs (like cocktail parties but with 7th graders and no booze) interview students and their parents and travel around the States to spread the word about the school.
My other job is to run a prestigious international scholarship.  I travel the world to find special children who are willing to share their culture with others.  They are able to attend my school for at least 2 years and then the funding follows them to college.  I mentor them the whole time and it is pretty much the best job in the world (besides being a mom).