Awkward Moments at the Butcher

So I went to my local grocery store the other day after hearing from my mother that I was a tad chubby (of course, she didn't say it that directly but I know that is what she meant).  So what is one to do except head to the store and get some giant steaks.
I approach the counter and ask for two rib-eyes.  The 18 year old behind the counter says, "You know they are expensive."  I say that I know but it's ok.  He says, "I'll help you out-I've been giving away free meat so people come here more often."  I say, "Oh no. I come EVERY day. Loyal customer.  Willing to pay, don't worry about me."  He winks and only puts one steak on the scale.  I insist he put on two.  He persists in only putting on one.

I take the criminal meat package and walk away.  I am tempted to drop the hot goods off in the dairy aisle.  I feel sweaty and like the package is hot lava.  I also am sure that I am on some 20/20 episode about stealing in grocery stores.  I am miserable.  But I want to eat the damn steaks.  I can also see the headlines, "PREP SCHOOL TEACHER ARRESTED IN MEAT THIEVERY".....

I brought the meat home, ate it and was happy.  I will not shop at the butcher area in the near future--so much for his marketing plan!!!


5 Great Tips for a Great Prep School Interview

Well it's just starting.  Interview season at boarding schools.  Last year I did over 100 interviews in the office and almost just as many while traveling.  That my friends, is a lot of talking with teenagers. Most of the time it's great....sometimes I feel like I am pulling teeth.  Here are some ideas to help your child in their interview.

1. Please look presentable.  Most schools have a dress code and you can usually look it up online.  And as for moms....this is not a fashion show.  You most likely will have to walk quite far on tour and sometimes in pretty crappy weather.

2. Be excited and true to yourself.  I know that sometimes kids don't think it's cool to be enthusiastic but tell them if they like the school it's great for the interviewer to see some excitement.  Best interviews I've had are with kids who have genuine enthusiasm for their current educational experience and look forward to the one they are about to embark upon.

3.  This is also the time for honesty.  I will ask you about your grades and if you tell me "A's and B's" I write it down and actually compare my notes to what comes in about your references and grade reports.  Tell me why you aren't doing well in a class...and what you are doing to get better.  If you have had ANY "situations" in your current school we most likely will hear about it so we would like to hear your side.

4. Do not fall asleep in the lobby while I am talking to your parents.  Do not play gameboy, games on your Ipad or text in the lobby.  It's great to make new friends in the lobby but be inclusive...nothing makes me more sad that to see kids excluding someone.

5. Know that we are keeping track of you.  We like to see you at our events.  It's great to see you come to theatre productions, sporting events and open houses.  There is a limit though...if we have 4 receptions in your area please don't come to all of them...And when you have made a decision--let us know...we like to be liked and will put it down in your file. Nothing warms our heart more than the words, "Will come if accepted--First Choice!"