Why oh why am I a Graduate Student???

 I attend a MALS program (Master of Arts in Liberal Science or some such) at a Very Liberal Institution.  I love it. I hate it.

I love it for many reasons.  I feel smart. I love going to class and feeling confident to speak my mind.  I adore my teachers....not like--ADORE.  They are interesting people and have done interesting things in their lives and love to share.  Most of the time the other people in the classes are downright fun and interesting too.  I've met many fascinating people.  My "people" get to see me do homework, try hard, have success and not so much success.  I'm also now more filled than ever with a lot of mostly useless but cool facts.  I've taken Birds and Snow/Ice with a teacher who is also a naturalist...it seemed like he called the animals to him.  I've taken psychology classes with teachers who have spent time with schizophrenic homeless folks and inmates on Death Row.  I've tried (oh I tried) to do the beautiful Sumi-e painting.

I hate it because I am sitting her blogging instead of writing my 15 page paper.  It gives me a bit of a lump in my throat every time I think of 15 pages!  I try (in the beginning) to be like "Wow cool 15 whole pages" but now that it is due in 3 days all I can think of is "Big quotes, big quotes."

Also (to waste more time) did you know that you NEVER have to enter a library anymore while doing research papers?  I'm on my bed researching away...it's crazy!!


Horrible waiter...

Not as in "Hi I am Jeremy and I will be your waiter today"....more like impatient.  It seems like I have spent two days waiting on Irene, thinking about her, stalking her on the internet, asking my friends for gossip about her, talking about her and WAITING for her.

What has she done for me?  Well in my impatience of waiting I actually cleaned the house and did every speck of laundry.  I went to the store to stock up on the important things--cheetos, Tate's chocolate chip cookies, a variety of candy bars,  crappy queso (no microwave or oven if power goes out).

I'm at Round the Lake and they take this stuff serious.  I felt pretty left out at the gas station today as I was only filling up my car not 10 orange plastic gas tanks.  People here aren't freaked though because they get crappy weather and scary animals all the time.  18 inches of snow?  No biggie.  Best thing though?  Hot showers at the Community Center...they rent a giant generator.

No BigMan tonight nor SJP--they skirted the storm to go on college visits.  They will be staying with friends.  "Hi, we are here to eat all of your hurricane supplies and BTW we are a day early!"  Thank god for good friends.   First college visit for BigMan....we'll just see if his Loose Cannon Quotient is higher than mine.  (LCQ--talking too much on the tour, laughing too much during the tour, asking questions on the tour, doing ANYTHING dorky--any of these make your quotient go WAY up).

Keep safe.


Some secrets....

Everybody has secrets here are some of mine....

1. I sometimes just check to see if I have the power to make items move by themselves...I don't...yet.

2. I compost but have never been the one to actually dump the icky stuff into the composter. By the way it's
    been 24 years of composting in CA....don't even know where the spot is.

3. I am a toilet texter. I make myself feel better about it by saying that I am simply multitasking.

4. I love to pretend that I am taller than everybody.  New awesome wedge shoes actually make that true.

5. We treat our dog as if he is our fourth child. It's bad.

6. Over the summer I occasionally will not brush or comb my hair for days.  My hair does not lend itself to not grooming it. My thought?  I don't really know people who live here--like that matters!


Meanie Bellini

Today I was a mean girl at the beach.  I couldn't help it (isn't that what they all say?)  I had just arrived down to the lake and was pretty happy about it.  Beautiful big clouds...no one else but me down there-pretty much perfect.  A woman in her late 50's came down and started fussing with her kayak.  She hoisted it off the rack, carried it down to the beach and plopped it down in the water.  She took forever, trying so hard not to get wet, to get into the seat.

She then got stuck. For a while. But did I swing my big old butt over to help her?  Did she look over a few times? Yep. Did I stop playing "Words with Friends"? Nope.

Instead I thought "You are wearing those damn zip off pants/shorts-commit to the kayaking experience! Get frickin wet!"  She just sat there trying to use her paddle to push off.  Not much success for a while. Mean girls can even be old like me.