Awkward Moments at the Butcher

So I went to my local grocery store the other day after hearing from my mother that I was a tad chubby (of course, she didn't say it that directly but I know that is what she meant).  So what is one to do except head to the store and get some giant steaks.
I approach the counter and ask for two rib-eyes.  The 18 year old behind the counter says, "You know they are expensive."  I say that I know but it's ok.  He says, "I'll help you out-I've been giving away free meat so people come here more often."  I say, "Oh no. I come EVERY day. Loyal customer.  Willing to pay, don't worry about me."  He winks and only puts one steak on the scale.  I insist he put on two.  He persists in only putting on one.

I take the criminal meat package and walk away.  I am tempted to drop the hot goods off in the dairy aisle.  I feel sweaty and like the package is hot lava.  I also am sure that I am on some 20/20 episode about stealing in grocery stores.  I am miserable.  But I want to eat the damn steaks.  I can also see the headlines, "PREP SCHOOL TEACHER ARRESTED IN MEAT THIEVERY".....

I brought the meat home, ate it and was happy.  I will not shop at the butcher area in the near future--so much for his marketing plan!!!

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