More Hugging in the New Year!

So I always try to think of some resolutions.  It's great because being in the education business I feel like I have two chances at the New Year thing--one in September and one in January!

I'm always better at the September resolutions.  In January I am spent from the holidays with all the drinking, eating and general merry stuff. It also always kind of sneaks up on me...

Now no one has ever accused me of being sweet.  It's just not an adjective that people use to describe me.  Every year I try to tackle the big one--Be nicer!  It's far too general and vague to really work for me.  I should be more specific ie.  speak nicely to someone once a day.  Or try not to have evil thoughts for a two hour span.  But no- I stick with Be Nicer.

So this year Be Nicer only lasted about 10 hours.  Not a world record that is for sure.  The mean thing was merited and I did not feel bad about it.  It was a biggie too.  I told someone I do care about to "Shut the F up".  But it was in defense about someone I love.  

When I texted a close friend about it she said the best thing ever, "It was probably appropriate for the situation.  No resolution solves any issues."  You have to love friends like that.  So I'll just keep doing what I do--be nicer to those I adore and care for and try to be tolerant otherwise.

I am trying to do more hugging in the New Year and for sure, that will be just for people I like!

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