BigMan's 50th Fiesta Grande

So the big 50 "Come As Your Favorite Age" party was awesome.  People really jumped into the theme so it was really fun to see everyone as they came in...
Ok so this is a pre-game photo.  Now when you are 50 pregaming consists of hydrating, finding comfortable shoes and eating a balanced meal to soak up the booze.

The "MAN" of the party-Kyle.  Kyle is a godsend, angel, friend to all.  He was my staff and did an awesome job.  I couldn't have done it without his help and I wish I could clone him.

Sisterwife is wearing her sorority outfit including her backpack from college full of chardonnay.  She carried her own booze in said backpack during college so no one could roofie her drinks.  She is drinking a Popey's Pretty Mini Martini--the signature drink of the evening.
Yup the shirt says it all...

Ok it is her prom dress....she just married the prom date so it was even better!!

And US!  I dressed in my pajamas, a lovely housecoat, slippers and powdered my hair...I feel like the best is yet to come...

The handsome man of the evening dressed as he did on our wedding day.  Very romantic!  Very handsome!

It was a fun party with over 70 guest. The evening went smoothly. Loved every minute!

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