The Big 5-0

So the BigMan is 50.  I woke up first and looked over at him and just couldn't believe that this is where we are now.  50 years old seems pretty old for people who are so young or at least think we are young.

Today I went through hundreds of pictures to make copies of for the big "Come As Your Favorite Age" party.  When I look through the pictures we were once young and did look quite different.  Our hair is shinier, our teeth look nicer and we were so much thinner!

I did realize that
 1)  We have had so much fun together and done some really exciting things.  Created people, traveled to cool places and made our own family traditions.

2) He's only known me half his life...poor thing.

3) I have two more years to watch him and figure this fifty thing out.  So far so good for him! I rocked out dinner (roast beast, broccoli, baked potato, perfect yorkshire pudding and lovely cake)...old friends have been calling and he got lots of facebook love.  And, of course, then there is the big fiesta!

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