5 Reasons to Love Being a Boarding School Teacher

Low pay, 24 hour workdays,  Saturday classes and smelly teenagers are definitely some of the downsides of living in a boarding school....but there are some really great parts of it too.

1.  You live in housing provided by the school.  I live in a 3100 square foot apartment.  It's huge.  And the best part?  If something breaks or needs a fixup I just call maintenance.  I also don't mow, rake, shovel or worry about landscaping.

2.  Free food!  The more you eat the more you get paid.  Now it is not always 5-star cuisine but someone else is buying it, cooking it and cleaning up after.  Breakfast is always good.  Plus your kids become quite popular--no one else's kitchen has a drink machine!  Best part--there are always 4 different kinds of ice cream and sundae bars on Sunday!

3.  It's an old-fashioned neighborhood.  Your dog can roam.  Your kids have free rein.  Tennis courts-check. Swimming pool-check. Lots of sports fields-check. Community garden-check.  Fabulous places to play hide and seek and kick the can-check.  AND lots of adults and big kids to keep you safe.  On Saturdays and Wednesdays all the faculty brats watch the big kids.  I know one faculty brat who used to wear his idol's jersey to hockey games.  He now works with said idol, as a colleague.  Too funny.

4.  Culture.  At least once every two weeks I am entertained.  Poetry slams, book talks, dance ensembles, cabaret, theatre productions, art shows, coffee houses, acappella groups. I'm pretty much over cultured.

5. Preppy commune.  I've never worked in a job before where everyone was striving towards the same goal.  Prep school teachers are a wonderfully, idealistic group.  We have fun together.  There are stimulating discussions at the lunch table.  You can talk about the New York Times, new scientific discoveries, books, pretty much anything.  We also talk about each other...can you imagine living with 100 people who are fairly similar to you...it's very interesting.  Something is always going on.


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