I'm a Mama Bear

It's true. I can't help myself and it is hard because I go to high school with my children.  The funny thing is that I recently found out that my kids absolutely are clued in to this.  One of the kids said to the other, "Well if mom saw that...someone would have been hurt!"

And I don't forget.  My god if some of my brain space were given over to curing cancer or remembering math equations instead of storing memories I might have done something big.  Thank goodness some girl on campus has not broken my boys' hearts.

One of my boys was in the football locker room and bigger, older kids were wrestling with the younger ones. An older boy approached my son and then a bystander spoke up, "Don't you know who his mother is?"  And this lioness/mother bear thing is also about my BigMan too.

At a wedding in the 80's a big situation occurred.  Now picture me, Jackie O dress, ginormous bow in my hair, beautiful black quilted bag with the gold chain and about 117 pounds.  I saw a fight break out and what I thought was someone hitting my husband.  The crowd quieted and I flew over grabbed the puncher by the hair and banged his head on the cement--"Don't. Hurt. My. Husband!"    I only stopped when a waiter stepped in and said, "Let go of his hair honey".  Somewhere within the crowd a voice said, "Wow BigMan she really likes you!"

So the truth of the matter was that BigMan was subduing said puncher and I just stepped in when the poor man was being lowered to the ground.  He was never hitting my husband. It took over  ten years to live that one down.  And when I want someone to know not to piss me off I tell that very story. I am serious.

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