On working....

I don't work over the summer.  It's a choice. It's a choice with no money...none. But it's a lifestyle choice and it is wonderful!!!

Everyday I wake up and it is a mystery as to how the day will turn out.  There are barely any daily schedules, no alarm ringing at 6:30 am and basically no where to be.  Our whole family is together and we actually like it.

When we are at the Faux Ranch we all sleep in a one room cabin.  It's a tad cozy.  There are some nights were we hysterically laugh-usually at me because I am scared of some bit o' nature.  Most mornings we drift out of the tent cabin and talk about what we want to do that day.  The freedom is incredible.

During the year we are on a six day a week work schedule (throw in a few weekend duties for fun), I have children who play sports and one who is still involved in youth sports.  At one point in our lives we were at 4 different schools and had 4 different sports schedules.  And yes, that meant I sometimes had to be in 2 places across the state at the same time.  I travel for work and we have many night time commitments to school. Along with living with 41 extra "kids" it's so very busy.

So when people ask about my "itinerary" in the summer...it's easy.  We don't have one. And the transition from summer to work?  It's brutal.  I miss traveling in my "pack".  I miss BigMan and spending every second with him.

This is the beach at low tide. We spend hours down here looking for interesting things.

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