Some secrets....

Everybody has secrets here are some of mine....

1. I sometimes just check to see if I have the power to make items move by themselves...I don't...yet.

2. I compost but have never been the one to actually dump the icky stuff into the composter. By the way it's
    been 24 years of composting in CA....don't even know where the spot is.

3. I am a toilet texter. I make myself feel better about it by saying that I am simply multitasking.

4. I love to pretend that I am taller than everybody.  New awesome wedge shoes actually make that true.

5. We treat our dog as if he is our fourth child. It's bad.

6. Over the summer I occasionally will not brush or comb my hair for days.  My hair does not lend itself to not grooming it. My thought?  I don't really know people who live here--like that matters!

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