Meanie Bellini

Today I was a mean girl at the beach.  I couldn't help it (isn't that what they all say?)  I had just arrived down to the lake and was pretty happy about it.  Beautiful big clouds...no one else but me down there-pretty much perfect.  A woman in her late 50's came down and started fussing with her kayak.  She hoisted it off the rack, carried it down to the beach and plopped it down in the water.  She took forever, trying so hard not to get wet, to get into the seat.

She then got stuck. For a while. But did I swing my big old butt over to help her?  Did she look over a few times? Yep. Did I stop playing "Words with Friends"? Nope.

Instead I thought "You are wearing those damn zip off pants/shorts-commit to the kayaking experience! Get frickin wet!"  She just sat there trying to use her paddle to push off.  Not much success for a while. Mean girls can even be old like me. 

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