Why oh why am I a Graduate Student???

 I attend a MALS program (Master of Arts in Liberal Science or some such) at a Very Liberal Institution.  I love it. I hate it.

I love it for many reasons.  I feel smart. I love going to class and feeling confident to speak my mind.  I adore my teachers....not like--ADORE.  They are interesting people and have done interesting things in their lives and love to share.  Most of the time the other people in the classes are downright fun and interesting too.  I've met many fascinating people.  My "people" get to see me do homework, try hard, have success and not so much success.  I'm also now more filled than ever with a lot of mostly useless but cool facts.  I've taken Birds and Snow/Ice with a teacher who is also a naturalist...it seemed like he called the animals to him.  I've taken psychology classes with teachers who have spent time with schizophrenic homeless folks and inmates on Death Row.  I've tried (oh I tried) to do the beautiful Sumi-e painting.

I hate it because I am sitting her blogging instead of writing my 15 page paper.  It gives me a bit of a lump in my throat every time I think of 15 pages!  I try (in the beginning) to be like "Wow cool 15 whole pages" but now that it is due in 3 days all I can think of is "Big quotes, big quotes."

Also (to waste more time) did you know that you NEVER have to enter a library anymore while doing research papers?  I'm on my bed researching away...it's crazy!!

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