Horrible waiter...

Not as in "Hi I am Jeremy and I will be your waiter today"....more like impatient.  It seems like I have spent two days waiting on Irene, thinking about her, stalking her on the internet, asking my friends for gossip about her, talking about her and WAITING for her.

What has she done for me?  Well in my impatience of waiting I actually cleaned the house and did every speck of laundry.  I went to the store to stock up on the important things--cheetos, Tate's chocolate chip cookies, a variety of candy bars,  crappy queso (no microwave or oven if power goes out).

I'm at Round the Lake and they take this stuff serious.  I felt pretty left out at the gas station today as I was only filling up my car not 10 orange plastic gas tanks.  People here aren't freaked though because they get crappy weather and scary animals all the time.  18 inches of snow?  No biggie.  Best thing though?  Hot showers at the Community Center...they rent a giant generator.

No BigMan tonight nor SJP--they skirted the storm to go on college visits.  They will be staying with friends.  "Hi, we are here to eat all of your hurricane supplies and BTW we are a day early!"  Thank god for good friends.   First college visit for BigMan....we'll just see if his Loose Cannon Quotient is higher than mine.  (LCQ--talking too much on the tour, laughing too much during the tour, asking questions on the tour, doing ANYTHING dorky--any of these make your quotient go WAY up).

Keep safe.

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