Bursts of Joy!

I don't know if it's hormonal or chemical but I sometimes get big bolts of joy.  Sometimes these come for no reason at all.  I'm driving down the road and BAM I just want to shout out, "I'm so happy".

Sometimes they are because I have not seen BigMan in a while and he pops into the dining hall and my heart leaps a bit.  Or I catch sight of one of my kids having a good moment at school or I spy them laughing really hard. 

Every once in a while it's because I've done something.  Now this something doesn't have to be particularly astounding.  Recently, I've been crazy juicing to try to keep my people healthy.  The juices come out some nasty butt colors but for the most part people will drink them.  I get that machine going and I feel content that I am doing something good for my peeps.

I remember being in college and walking around campus, thinking, "I am in COLLEGE."

It's a little bit like thinking in good capital letters!

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