Meeting the President!

Wonderful time in this wonderful city!  Today I met the former President of Lithuania--President Adamkus.  He was a true gentleman.  He spoke to the young people gathered at the event about democracy.  After having visited the KGB Museum yesterday, it really struck me how very new democracy is here in this country where so very many horrible things have happened.  The young people here need to embrace and shout about democracy from the rooftops.  It is a very precious thing indeed and his words reminded me of how far they have come in such a short time.

We spoke as if we were friends at one point.  He was explaining how it was to lead such a public life and the effects it had on other people.  He felt bad about the Secret Service agents in the car waiting for him to be done at a party.  I said to him that I am sure they enjoyed their job and that they probably felt lucky to have such a job.  I also told him that the words that he spoke that evening to such a potentially important young group of people could have such effects that he could not imagine.  "You are the president and what you say matters very much to people. These young people will take it to heart and continue this dream of democracy."  Such an interesting talk to have with such an important man.  I very much liked him, his style of speaking and his very warm personality. 
Interesting interesting!

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