Messy House

It's not that I would not LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a consistently clean house.  It's just that my life tends to get in the way. 

We used to have a cleaning lady and it was one of those good/bad things.  It was good because it was like a slice of heaven to come home and have a sparkly clean house.  It was bad because we would have to have 2 hours of "clutter control" the night before, cleaning our house for the cleaning lady.  I also had guilt and embarrassment at some of the stuff she would have to face.  Cookies underneath the pillows in the living room--happens.  A giant spill of some unidentified object in the fridge--happens.  Thousands of hidden candy wrappers on the tucked in the side of someone's bed--happens.
But all good things must end when one's job is cut to part time and she was one of those good things.

Today would have been a good day to get the house in order. But no. I drank too much last night to do anything but sleep in the morning.  Is is bad to think of your college aged child as your designated driver?  The afternoon brought alumni games and I watched some students play basketball and hockey. 

Now it is 6 o'clock and entirely too late to consider cleaning.  I don't know why but I think cleaning must be done during the day.  I don't know when clean house people get all that cleaning done.  Mysteries of life....

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