Lithuania Day 2

Another exciting day in Lithuania!  This morning Woody Rutter and I headed to the American embassy.  We spent a wonderful hour speaking with people there about our programs and the wonderful effects of exchange programs.  I also learned all about embassy life.  I hadn't realized how very interesting diplomatic life could be!  What a great adventure!

After this visit we headed to the Vilnius Lyceum (a high school) where we rushed in and all of a sudden found out that we were the guest speakers!  Luckily both Woody and I are not at a loss for words.
Here is the outside of the school. It is one of the best schools in Vilnius.  It was originally built by the Soviets and now repurposed to be a high school.  Architecture was not a strong suit for the Soviets.

After we returned I headed to the KGB Museum.  A beautiful building housing so many unspeakable horrors.  The cells and execution chambers are in the basement.  It simply feels bad to be in there.  

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