Fiesta Grande!

Some people can do chemistry equations.  Some people can sew.  Some people can drive well.  Me?  I can throw a party without having huge stress.  I can think about all the things I need to do and barrel right through them.

Next week BigMan turns 50.  Yup it's huge.  Every ten years I have a big blowout for him.  Last party was a sushi and martini party.  It was epic!  Dancing started at 7:30 and lasted till 2:00 am.  So fun. The dress code was "Outrageous Classroom Dress"  --a prep school insider joke about dress code.  It was awesome--one friend's whole outfit was from lost and found.  Another friend dressed as my husband and her boyfriend came as me.  One couple came in black tie.  It was so fun.

I've sent the invites.  Paperlesspost.com rocks!  It even tracks the invites and lets you put them into a spreadsheet.  This is the photo I used of BigMan--doesn't he look happy?

Today I went to the little market near us that I use as caterers.  The woman there is so laid back, I just love her.  Most importantly I try not to dither over small decisions--everyone likes all kinds of food so just pick a few things and go with it.  Next I went to the party store to pick up all the plates etc.  So fun.

One of the most important things to remember is that it's not crucial to the party what kind of plates or cups you have.  The most important things are the people who are there...are they comfortable?  Can they find the food--drink?  Are you introducing them to other people so they feel welcome?

The next thing is getting the house ready. Ugh.  As I've said before this is not my forte.  I've hired (hello Groupon!) some people to come clean downstairs in the afternoon.  I then will put out at least 50 candles in votives, fresh flowers on the table and try to get a bit of rest before people arrive.  I like to have fun at my parties so I always hire (it's so worth it) two teenagers to just pick up and help serve food.
Ok I just answered the door for some guests who just tried to come a week early to the party!  Funny.

I like to personalize my parties.  Recently, I had a wedding shower and I went to the bride's Pinterest page and made all of the food items. She was so surprised to see Pinterest come to life.  Another party for an elegant friend had champagne served on silver platters.  For BigMan I am going to search through old photos and make some posters at the local Staples.  This goes along with the theme I have chosen--"Come As Your Favorite Age".  
I can't wait!!!!

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