No Gay-dar or Age-dar....

I can't ever tell if someone is gay.  I can't ever tell how old someone is...so I never try to do either.  Sometimes I get in a bad spot because of my inability to figure out how old someone is...

But one thing I have plenty of is the ability to spot a liar.  I have excellent Lie-dar.  Today I used that special skill.

As a teacher at a boarding school I have opportunities to have important sometime life-changing talks with students.  Last night during a regular interaction with a student I felt a bit uneasy after he left.  Today I checked on his story and determined that yes, he had lied to me.  Now this was not a big lie nor was it to get out of any kind of trouble.  But it was still a lie and really for no reason.

I called the student in and explained to him that once you lie to someone that you will forever be known to that person as a liar.   I told this poor boy that now when he told me anything I will always stop to think if it is the truth or a lie. 

Now this might seem pretty harsh.  And one might say, "Well he is just a kid"  but I believe that honesty is such a basic human need and right that it is important that every time he speaks or contemplates a lie I hope that he pauses and thinks and stops to do what is right

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