Uncertain Times

Every once in a while the world stands up and spins around.  This is one of those times.  OldestSon's good friends mother died Monday.  She was not even 60.  Pancreatic cancer-an evil one....taking the life out of someone filled with life.  A sparkly woman, sure of herself and in the thick of her life.  It's unsettling and so very sad.  I watched my son sleep knowing I would have to wake him to tell him the news.  I always think of those peaceful moments before the world spins. 

Yesterday I also received news of two friends from college having cancer.  One, a non-smoker, who has lung cancer, another a mother of five with melanoma.  The mother does not have a diagnosis and is living with an uncertain future.

A boy in town has testicular cancer.  He is 18.  Two surgeries.  Another boy who has a tumor on his brain stem. He is 16.   A former student passed out during a hockey game and it turns out he has an enlarged heart and needed a defibrillator.  He is 20. 

All of this news in the span of a week.  Bad week.  I think of all of the people suffering from this news.  I feel tentative and worried. Hold your people close. 

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