I secretly obsess.  And obsess and obsess....

Here is just small list of obsessions

1. Travel plans
     Yes, this one kind of sucks because I travel a lot.  I don't use a travel agent because I feel the need  to manage everything to the very minute.  I dither over flights that are 15 minutes apart.  I check the flights out of three different airports.  I spend time on websites figuring out the perfect seat on the plane.

2. Menus/Restaurants
     I always have to check the menu a few times before I go to a restaurant.  I also read the entire menu again when I arrive at the restaurant.  When traveling I check many websites about the best place to go..(seriouseats.com, roadfood.com, yelp.com).

3. Blogs/Websites
    I read a few different blogs a day.  Then I read blogs/forums that make fun of the blogs that I read.  If I haven't read them the day has not begun.  I had a serious addiction to New York Social Diary for a few years. I quit that one cold turkey and was quite proud. I check Seriouseats.com about a dozen times a day....are there new posts, are there any good pictures...ahhhh.

4. Words With Friends
     I have played someone I don't know for over three years--two games at a time.  I usually have about ten games going at once.  I play a faculty member that kicks my ass consistently.  It's the first thing I do when I wake up.

These aren't serious but they are time wasters.  I enjoy them and will continue to obsess.

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